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"7 kome eleven's" Paradise 99 album cover

This is the album cover (double, front+back) i did in early 2020 before the pandemic for “Paradise 99” the upcoming album of the italian band “7 kome eleven”.
They are having struggles to release the album and gave me permission to publish my work before the releasing.
As you may see it’s inspired in the 90’s arcade centers. The arcade titles are the song names and the logo and title design are not definitive, just a test. I would prefer to put the main character more in the background, fixing the cover compo aligning it with the thirds rule and having a better contrast with the background illumination, making it more subtle but the band guys wanted it this way.
I have weird feelings with this because it’s just from a year ago right before the pandemic and watching it i remember myself working in the studio with future expectations that has been broken, at the same time i feel it like a recent work and from a distant age, it’s a weird feeling.
There are easter eggs in the graffitis with a crown and the number 19, it was a joke about the corona 19 before they call it covid, before it become a pandemic, i needed watever idea inspiration to put in the graffitys and we was at that point speaking in discord with my friends about the new virus that has recently appeared in china and just inspired me for the silly graffity. Looking in perspective the idea is horrible.